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Managing User Account Permissions in the Client Area

There are several scenarios where a user needs the ability to access and manage the websites and accounts of multiple customers. For example, web designers, web developers and digital agencies often need access to administer multiple hosting accounts. 

What Is An Account?

Accounts own products and services. They represent a billable party, like a business.

What are Users?

A User is an individual that can access an account. Every person who requires the ability to log in to the Client Area, will need a user account. 

What Is An Account Owner?

Each account has a single Account Owner. Account Owners are able to send invitations from the account Client Area, to give access to new and additional users. The account owner may also define the access and permissions for each user accordingly.

Adding New Users

Account Owners can invite new Users to join their account, using the following procedure:

  1. Login to the Client Area
  2. Go to Settings > User Management Client Area User Management
  3. Enter an email address under Invite New User Client Area Invite User
  4. Choose All Permissions to grant all available permissions, or choose Choose Permissions to allocate specific permissions
  5. Click Send Invite

An invitation will be sent to the new User, allowing them to accept the invite. If you send an invite to an email address for an existing account, they can access the client account using their existing login credentials. If the email address does not correspond to an existing account, they will be prompted to create one.


Invitations expire after 7 days, if no response is received.

Managing Accounts and Users

Account Owners can manage Users and their permissions from the User Management section of the Client Area. For example, you could choose to provide only web hosting account access to a web developer, without granting access to other privileges such as billing and invoicing. 

To do this:

  1. Login to the Client Area
  2. Go to Settings > User ManagementClient Area User Management
  3. Find the desired User in the list Client Area Select User
  4. Optional: To completely revoke access for a particular User, click Remove Access to remove them from the account
  5. Click Manage Permissions
  6. Select the desired permissionsClient Area Select User Permissions
  7. Click Save Changes

Accessing Multiple Accounts with a Single User

If a User who is only associated with one account logs in, their login session will automatically be associated with that account.

If a User has access to multiple accounts, they will be given the option to select which account to log in to. They can click the desired account name to login and manage that account.

Client Area Switch User

Note: At any time, a User can switch between accounts by going to the Switch Account section of their Client Area, and clicking on a different account name.

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