How to use your LifeBoat account

LifeBoat Hosting is a temporary hosting service that was automatically created and provided to customers impacted by the incident (August 2021). This service is provided free of charge to help ensure continuity of service without impacting the ongoing data recovery efforts. This account is completely independent from your main account and all work you do on your LifeBoat can be transferred to your main web hosting.

Following the successful data recovery operation, you will be able to repoint your site to your original hosting by following the instructions in this guide.

If you’re ready to merge the contents from your LifeBoat account, back into your original account, see this article. Once this merge is complete and your site is functioning as normal, you may wish to close your LifeBoat account. You may cancel it as follows:

  1. Log in to your Client Area
  2. In the menu, click on My Services, then select your LifeBoat account
  3. In the left menu, click on Request Cancellation

To access your LifeBoat account

  1. Login to your WHC Client Area
  2. Click on My Services
  3. Click on Web Hosting - LifeBoat

Here, you will be able to manage all operations such as creating your emails and uploading website data just as you would on your regular hosting account. You will also be able to use your cPanel login, Webmail login, and reset your cPanel password, for your LifeBoat account. 

Once this is done, you will need to update your domain’s DNS and set the following nameservers:


Once the DNS changes propagate (up to 24 hours, it is typically about 4 hours) your new account can be used to start accepting and sending new emails and upload new website copy right away.

For those who need it, these accounts will remain free of charge until January 1, 2022. and are intended as a stopgap measure until a more permanent solution is found. If you no longer need this account, you can request its cancellation at any time from your Customer Area.

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