Why Is My Order Marked As Fraud?

While ordering a service or product on our website, you may encounter a message warning you that your order has been marked as being fraudulent.

Our online order system receives hundreds of orders per day. Unfortunately, an increasing portion of these orders are sent by sophisticated "robots" or by professional scammers.

In order to counter these fraudulent orders, our system filters each order and automatically blocks orders which are considered as high risk. For example, an order can be considered high-risk if the country chosen during the order does not correspond to the geographical location of the user completing the order. In a few cases, the automatic detection of the geographical location can result in a mistake.

If your order is marked as fraudulent, please call us in order to complete the order manually. In some cases, some supporting documentation may be requested. Although this approach can sometimes cause frustrations with legitimate customers, it ensures the legitimate use of our services.

Thank you for your understanding!

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