What is your refund policy?

Most Web Hosting Canada products and services are covered by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee during an initial period following your order, as described here:

Service or product Refund Period (if prepaid 3+ months)
Web Hosting 30 days
WordPress Hosting 30 days
Cloud Server 7 days, excluding licenses and configurable options
Windows Cloud Server No refund once the server has been delivered
Dedicated Server No refund once the server has been delivered
Reseller Hosting 30 days
Domain name registration No refunds
Privacy Protection No refunds
Domain name renewal No refunds
Domain name transfer 90 days, only if the transfer has not taken place
SSL certificate 30 days after being issued
Email Marketing 14 days
RankingCoach 30 days
Email 30 days
DNS Anycast 30 days
Weebly Go 30 days
Weebly (other versions) 10 days
Entreprise Antispam 30 days
SiteSafe Protection 7 days; no refunds after the first scan

The refund period for all eligible services paid monthly is 7 days.

To request a refund, please submit a written request specifying the invoice number to be refunded directly from your Client Area, after having cancelled the service(s) in question within the prescribed time limits.

We are only able to issue refunds for Paypal & credit card payments. Non-automated payments (checks, e-transfers, direct deposit or wire transfers) can only be refunded as account credit.

Renewals (except for non-refundable services) can be refunded up to 5 days after they have been renewed, if an immediate cancellation request was submitted, followed by a refund request through a Billing ticket.

Please consult our Terms of service for additional details regarding our terms.

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