Getting Started with Managed WordPress

Once your Managed WordPress Hosting activated, you're ready to start configuring your WordPress site!

Start Configuring Your WordPress Installation

  1. Connect to your Client Area
  2. Click on Set Up WordPress for
  3. Choose either Create a new WordPress site or Import a WordPress site from another provider and click on Set Up Now

Create a New WordPress Site

With WHC's Managed WordPress, completing your initial setup is simple. Start by providing basic information about your new site:

  1. Identity: your first and last name
  2. Admin Email: email address where WordPress notifications will be sent to 
  3. Site's title: a descriptive but short title of your website
  4. Slogan: a catchy slogan that can be shown with some themes (you can always leave empty and add later)
  5. Default site language : This is the language that your website will be displayed in by default
  6. Install my WordPress with recommended content and plugins: check this box to have your WordPress site pre-filled with starter content that you can easily edit to make your own, along with recommended plugins.
  7. Make my website multilingual (FR/EN): check this box if you want a multilingual website (English/French; powered by Polylang plugin).
  8. Click on Set Up My WordPress. Your WordPress is now ready for use!

Connect your Domain to your WordPress Site

Once activated, your WordPress site will be available using the WHC subdomain that will look like: . You can use this address to work on your website immediately.

However, in order to link WordPress to your domain, you'll need to update your domain's configuration.

You can either (1) change your domain's nameservers so as to use the WordPress DNS (recommended):

or (2) configure your existing DNS to use your WordPress site's IP (displayed in your Managed WordPress Dashboard) by changing the A Record of your DNS as described here: Configure your domain with Managed WordPress Hosting.

Once linked, you'll see a Connect Domain link appear in your Managed WordPress Dashboard. Click on this link to automatically start using your domain name with your WordPress site!

Access your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Once your WordPress is configured, access the WordPress Admin Dashboard by clicking on the WP Admin button.

You can easily add new users to WordPress if you work with other collaborators and instruct them to log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard directly using their own password, without using the WHC Client Area.

Update Your WordPress Site

There are several ways for you to work with Managed WordPress, available from the Managed WordPress Dashboard:

  • Update or create new pages by logging in to your WordPress Admin (available through a 1-click access)
  • Manage or add new files with the File Manager or by SFTP/SSH.
  • Modify your database's contents using phpMyAdmin

WordPress Staging

The Staging tool is available with Managed WordPress Hosting Pro and Beast plans and allows you to test your changes in a private and secure location before pushing them to your Live website.

Take your first steps with WordPress

WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform that allows you to build rich, complex websites. If you're starting out with WordPress, we recommend you read our guide: Get Started with WordPress in 8 easy steps.

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