Add Users to Managed WordPress

This article discusses how to add users with Managed WordPress Hosting. For information on how to add users with a regular WordPress site (using web hosting, for example), please consult How to Add Users to WordPress

Managed WordPress Hosting allows WHC clients to automatically connect to their WordPress Admin directly from their Client Area, without entering an additional password.  This is a quick, handy way to log in to WordPress if you need to make changes or edits to your website.

However, you may want to authorize other people to edit or manage your WordPress site's content without providing them access to your WHC Client Area or while giving them limited access rights to your WordPress site's content. You can do this by creating additional users within WordPress directly. Here's how:

  1. Log in to the WHC Client Area
  2. Click into your Managed Wordpress service from your Services page
  3. Click WP Admin button to access the site as an administrator
  4. Once inside WordPress, follow the steps in our How to add users to WordPress article

Your users will now be able to access your WordPress Admin with their own secure username and password, through the WordPress Admin login page. This page is normally located at (replace with your own domain name).

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