How to Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress Dashboard allows you to easily and securely manage your WordPress website.

Here's how to log in to your WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Open your website in your web browser
  2. Add: /wp-admin at the end of the website's address (in your browser's address bar). For example, if your site is your WordPress Dashboard address will be
  3. You'll now see your WordPress login screen.
    • Enter your WordPress username. The default WordPress username for most installations is usually admin
    • Enter your WordPress admin password. If you don't remember your password, click on the Lost your password link to have it sent to your email
  4. Click Log In and you're done!
If you've forgotten your password and the password reset tool isn't working for you, here's how to manually reset your WordPress Admin password.

How to log in to your WordPress Dashboard with WHC's Managed WordPress Hosting

WHC's Managed WordPress Hosting allows you to securely connect to your WordPress Admin with a single click. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Client Area
  2. Click into your Managed WordPress Hosting service
  3. Click on WP Admin
  4. You'll be automatically logged in!
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