How to Renew my Services (Renewals)

To renew your services, you will receive a renewal notice and invoice by email:

  • 15 days prior to your service's expiration date if paid monthly
  • 45 days prior to your service's expiration date for all other payment cycles

The invoice and renewal notices will be sent to your main email address on file, as well as to any contacts responsible for billing on your account. Simply pay that invoice to renew your services automatically.

If you already have a valid credit card on file with us and had initially paid for your services by credit card, your card will be charged automatically 5 days prior to your invoice's due date. You will receive a renewal confirmation by email shortly after we have received your payment.

You may verify the status of your account, including any pending invoices, in the Client Area, under Billing.

The renewal of your hosting accounts, IP addresses, and domain names will be done automatically following your payment. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to ensure that such services are paid to avoid an interruption of service.

The renewal of SSL certificates will be performed manually within 24 hours of receiving your payment.

An account that is not renewed on time will be taken off-line the moment it expires, but may still be renewed up to 30 days after its expiration. Accounts not renewed within 30 days of their expiration dates may be permanently deleted, or may be subjected to additional reactivation fees. An expired domain name can usually be renewed up to 29 days after expiring. After 29 days, the domain name can, depending on the top-level domain operator (.ca and .com, for instance, are managed by different operators), enter a brief prolonged renewal period, become available to the general public, or be made available to a domain redistribution service. In short, any expired domain name may not belong to you anymore; renew it on time to avoid lots of trouble!


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