My emails are disappearing from my email account

These are the most common causes for emails disappearing from your WHC email account:

1) There is another device connected to your email in POP3 mode and configured to download and delete new emails.

You can fix this as follows:

  1. Disable the option to delete the emails after downloading them on the device in question. You'll also find all the missing emails on this device.
  2. If you don't know which device (or computer) is connecting and deleting emails, consider changing your email address' password. The device (or user) that was connecting to and deleting emails will no longer be able to do so without providing the new password.
  3. You can attempt to restore your emails from available backups. Do note that since emails normally get downloaded and deleted within minutes of being received with this particular setup, it's unlikely that your backups will contain any of the downloaded emails.

2) You're connecting to the wrong email server

  1. Double-check the POP/IMAP server you're connecting to and ensure it's the recommended WHC server.
  2. If you're connecting to Webmail, double-check the domain name you're using and ensure it's connected to your WHC email service.
  3. Ensure your domain's DNS and MX settings are correctly connected to your WHC email service. Contact support if in doubt!


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