My email went to my junk folder, why?

There are several factors that may direct your email to your junk folder instead of directly into your inbox. Some of it may be content, image-to-text ratio, or simply that the address you're sending to does not yet recognize you as a legitimate sender and you need to be whitelisted.


You can scan your content for keywords that may be flagged as spam using SpamAssassin from within the Email Campaign Builder. This will help you identify possible problems with your email and help you correct them before you hit send.


SpamAssassin will also help you analyze your image-to-text ratio. Here are a few things to aim for:

  • A maximum of 40% image coverage - A minimum 60% text coverage
  • More than 3 images in the page - if any at all.
  • Not all images touching
  • At least 400 characters of text

As per anti-spam law, all emails must contain some form of text (even if it a simple “hello”). Image-only emails will not display properly and are almost certain to be flagged as spam.

Make sure you are recognized as a legitimate sender.

There are two things you can do to make sure you are recognized as a legitimate sender:

  • Make sure your recipients add you to their whitelist or address book.
  • Make sure your recipients click on 'always display images from this sender' - which will let the email service know that you are a trusted sender.
  • Validate your email address
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