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Why Can't I Receive Emails From a Specific Email Address?

The are several possible reasons why you may not be receiving emails from a specific email address:

  1. The sender is on an email blacklist or uses a misconfigured email server. This may be because their email server was recently used to send out large quantities of spam. Please open a support ticket in the Client Area and ask us to white-list their email address, while also indicating the recipient's address and the approximate time the message was sent.
  2. You have configured account-level or user level filtering that is causing legitimate emails to get blocked. Please check your custom Account Level and User Level filters in the cPanel. You may use the Filter test in either of those sections to simulate a particular email message being sent to you, and observe whether your current email filters are blocking them.
  3. You have not correctly created or configured your email address. Please ensure that your email address is present in the list of active email accounts in the Add/Remove Email Accounts section of your cPanel.
  4. You have enabled Apache SpamAssassin and your email is being blocked. Try disabling Spam Assassin or lowering its spam threshhold.
  5. You are not correctly configured your MX records for your domain. Your MX record should be set to mail.yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name).


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