Server Management Plans

WHC's Server Management plans allow Dedicated and Cloud server clients to have their servers monitored and managed by our qualified technicians. We can handle migrations, security configurations, installations, transfers, and troubleshoot various software issues with your servers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our team is monitoring your server 24/7 and can proactively intervene in many cases to prevent prolonged server outages without your intervention.

There are currently 3 different Server Management Plans available with most Cloud and Dedicated servers:

With Standard Management, we ensure your server is powered, has network connectivity, and responds to ping. We pre-install & configure cPanel along with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP for you. In case of problems, our support team can provide assistance 24/7. We also include free migration assistance if you’re transferring in from other providers.

With ProActive Management, our team also monitors the health of your server, and intervenes automatically when an issue is detected by our monitoring system (up to 2 interventions included per month) without you needing to contact us first. We’ll carefully monitor your database and web server availability along with your CPU, memory and disk space usage.

With Advanced Management, in addition to proactively monitoring your server and intervening when needed (without monthly intervention limits), our team will also provide up to 2 hours of system administration services per month to help you deal with issues such as performance, errors, and reliability.

Advanced Management includes everything you get with Standard Management, but also:

  • VIP Support: get answers to your problems first
  • Performance & HTTP monitoring & support
  • PCI Scan remediation assistance
  • MySQL/MariaDB monitoring & support
  • Pro-active Performance Interventions
  • Mail server & Mail Queue monitoring
  • Advanced Firewall configuration
  • Email BlackList scanning & support
  • Up to 2 hours/month of SysAdmin work

To request a server management plan, select it during your initial order or upgrade your existing server directly from your Client Area.

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