How to create your first cPanel hosting account in WHM

Here are the steps to create your first cPanel hosting account in WHM (Web Host Manager) if you have a server with cPanel (included by default with Reseller, and Managed Cloud & Dedicatd products):
  1. Log in to WHM using the credentials provided in your welcome email
  2. In the left menu, under Account Functions, click Create a New Account
  3. Enter your domain in the Domain field
  4. Username will auto-fill based on your domain name. Note it down for your records.
  5. Click on Password Generator to create a secure password for your cPanel & FTP. Check I have copied this password in a safe place, and click Use Password after making sure you have noted the password in a safe place.
  6. Under Package, check Select Option Manually and Save Manual Settings as a Package, and enter a name of your choice for the package (for example, name it: Standard Package)
  7. Adjust the limits of your package below. If unsure, leave all limits to Unlimited
  8. Without changing any other sections (unless there's a specific need), scroll down and click Create
  9. Your new cPanel will now be created! Log in using: https://server-name:2083 (replace server-name with the actual server URL that was sent to you in your welcome email) and the username/password entered earlier.
  10. You're done! Your new cPanel is ready. In order to be able to properly use your new cPanel using the domain name entered above, you'll need to update its DNS records to correctly point to your server. The specifics of this will vary depending on whether your domain is registered with us, and the type of hosting product you have (reseller vs Cloud vs dedicated)
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