Install WHC's SSH keys for Dedicated & Cloud servers

In order for WHC to actively manage and monitor (where applicable) your Cloud and Dedicated servers, we'll need our public access keys active on your server. Here's how:

PUBLIC KEY (Copy ONLY what's between the dashed lines)
ssh-rsa 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 RDPROD01 GENERAL v.2
  1. Once logged in to your server by SSH as root, add our public key here:
  2. Update the permissions and privileges for this file, to ensure it works correctly:
  3. If you have disabled SSH root access, please modify the following in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:
    PermitRootLogin without-password
  4. Restart the SSH service:
    service ssh restart

This will allow WHC's systems team to access the server as root.

If you are unable to perform this operation, please provide WHC's support team with the following information:

  • Server hostname
  • Port number (if different than port 22)
  • Temporary Root login password*

*This password will be reset upon completion of our intervention.

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