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How to provide access to your Dedicated Server to our Support team

From time to time, our support team may need to access your dedicated server in order to provide assistance or perform maintenance operations. 

If you modified your server's original password or authentication mechanism, here is how you can securely provide access to your server to our support team.

Note: This procedure only applies to dedicated servers using the Linux operating system.

Step 1: Add our SSH Key

  1. Connect to WHM
  2. In the left menu, click Manage root's SSH keys
  3. Click on Import Key
  4. Copy the following key and click Import:ssh-rsa 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

Step 2: Specify your SSH Port

We'll need your SSH port if you changed it from the default value we delivered your server with. Please include this information along with your support ticket.

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