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Using Google Takeout to Migrate Emails to your WHC Service

Migrating emails from Google Workspace to your WHC service involves exporting your Google mailbox using Google Takeout and then importing the resulting backup file into your cPanel email account via Webmail. This process ensures that all your emails are transferred efficiently and securely from Google to your new email server.

Step 1: Export Your Mailbox using Google Takeout

  1. Navigate to Google Takeout
  2. Click on Deselect all
  3. Tick the box next to Mail
  4. Choose whether you want to export all data or specific ones from All mail data included option
  5. Click Next Step down at the bottom
  6. Select Send download link via email option from the dropdown menu
  7. Leave the options Export once (1 export) and File type & size selected by default
  8. Select the adequate file size for your mailbox (We recommend you select the option 2GB)
  9. Click Create Export

Step 2: Download Your Mail Backup File

  1. Navigate to Manage your exports
  2. Click on Download
  3. Go to your downloads' directory on your computer
  4. Extract the backup file (the extracted folder's name is "takeout" by default)
  5. Navigate to the Mail folder inside the extracted folder
  6. Locate the ".mbox" file (default file name is "All mail including Spam and Trash.mbox")

Step 3: Import Your Backup to Your WHC service

Make sure the backup file you downloaded from the previous step is less than or equal to 128MB.
  1. Log in to Roundcube
  2. Click on More
  3. Choose Import
  4. Click on Browse
  5. Select the backup file from your computer
  6. Click on Import


If you are having difficulties uploading the backup file to your email account with WHC, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.
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