What Are Your DNS (or Nameservers)?

DNS server, also called nameservers, associates a domain name to a website and email hosting provider.

The DNS servers you should use will vary depending on which WHC services you have, and normally get communicated to you by email following your service activation. For your reference, our standard nameservers are listed below:

Regular DNS


Works with:

  • Web Hosting (all)
  • Email Pro
  • Domain Manager

Anycast DNS


Only to be used if Anycast is activated on your domain. Please verify with our support team if you are unsure.

Works with:

  • Web Hosting, but only with the primary domain of your Pro or Enterprise plan
  • Domain Manager Pro

Reseller DNS


Works with:

  • Reseller Web Hosting (all)

Managed WordPress DNS


Works with:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting (all)


If your domain name is registered through WHC, you can change your domain's DNS from your Client Area. Otherwise, please contact your domain name provider for instructions on how to change its DNS.

A domain name registered with WHC will require at least 2 nameservers and can have up to 4.
An incorrect DNS change can cause your website and email to stop working, so proceed carefully!
A DNS change can take up to 24 hours to propagate across all the networks of the Internet.


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