How to Create a New Hosting Account

Before creating a new account, we recommend you create one or more packages so that you can easily create new accounts using the same configuration for future clients. This can be done through the Add Package screen in your WHM. Once that's done, here's how you can create new accounts:

  1. Log in to your Reseller console, called WHM
  2. In the Account Functions section of the left menu, click on Create a New Account.
  3. In the right menu under Domain Information, type the domain name in the Domain field (without www, http://, or spaces).
  4. Click on the Username field, which should automatically be filled with a default name.
  5. Choose a secure password for this account, and type it in the Password et Re-type Password fields.
  6. Specify a contact email address (in the Email field) for this account.
  7. In the Package section, choose a package among those created previously.
  8. Click on the Create button.

A confirmation page will be displayed; you can optionally print or save it for later use.

Note: Do not modify parameters that you do not fully understand; the WHM is a powerful tool, and a slight change may affect several accounts negatively. If in doubt, reach out to our friendly support team for advice!


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