How to Redirect Mobile Devices to Your GoMobi Page

Once your GoMobi web site has been created and your mobile domain has been configured, it's time to redirect mobile users on your main web site to your mobile web site! This is done by adding a special redirection code to your main web site.

To add the redirection code:
  1. Log in to your Client Area
  2. Click on Manage my Products & Services
  3. If you have more than one service, click on View Details next to your GoMobi service
  4. Scroll down to the section called Redirection Code
  5. Select option HTACCESS and click on button Get Redirection Code
  6. When the page updates, scroll back down to the same heading, and copy the full code shown to your clipboard.
  7. Log in to the cPanel
  8. Click on the File Manager
  9. You should now see all your files in your public_html folder
  10. If you do not see a file called .htaccess in this folder, you will need to create it:
    1. On the top left, click on New File
    2. As the file name, type: .htaccess
    3. Leave folder as-is (normally public_html), click Create New File and continue to next step
  11. You see a file called .htaccess in this folder:
    1. Click on the file called .htaccess then click on Modify link on the top.
    2. If your are prompted to select a file encoding, simply click Edit
    3. At the very top of the file, before any other text, paste the code you copied in step 6.
    4. Click on Save and then on Close
You are done! The redirections should take effect immediately.

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