How to Configure Your Domain or Subdomain with GoMobi

In order to view your goMobi mobile site on your Domain or Subdomain, you will need to configure them correctly.
  • How to set up a custom domain name (example: with goMobi
  • How to set up a custom subdomain (eg with goMobi

How to set up a custom domain name (example: with goMobi

Before you can configure a custom mobile domain name with your mobile website, you must:

  1. have registered a domain name for the exclusive use of your mobile website (such as or The .mobi extension is not required for mobile domains, but is recommended because it has been created specifically for this purpose and visually implies a mobile web site.
  2. have an active web hosting account with Web Hosting Canada or other hosting provider that allows you to modify your DNS zones. This procedure assumes that you have an active hosting account with us.

To set up your custom mobile domain with GoMobi:

  1. Connect to your primary domain's cPanel
  2. Under Domains, click Parked domains
  3. Under Create a New Parked Domain, enter the address of your mobile domain (eg and click click Add Domain
  4. Return to the cPanel home page and in the Domains section click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor
  5. Select your mobile domain from the list (eg
  6. Scroll down to the Zone File Records section and click the Edit link next to the line with the Name (replace by your mobile domain name).
  7. Update the CNAME field to:
  8. Click Edit Record

Wait a few hours for the changes to propagate on the Internet and your mobile domain (eg will automatically display the content published via GoMobi! Please note that by default the version without "www" of your website will not work. If you want to configure your mobile website to function with and without "www" please consult: How to redirect the www version of the site to the non www versions or vice versa.

How to set up a custom subdomain (eg with goMobi

Rather than register a separate domain for their mobile site, some may prefer to instead create a custom subdomain. Subdomains are available at no extra cost and and can take many forms, eg,, etc. For simplicity, Web Hosting Canada recommends using the subdomain "m", so your mobile address will look like:

To set up a subdomain like with goMobi:

Remember to replace with your actual subdomain throughout this procedure

  1. Connect to the cPanel of your primary domain
  2. In the Domains section click Advanced DNS Zone Editor
  3. Select your main domain (eg
  4. Scroll to the section Add a record and enter the following information:
    1. Name: (replace with your domain name)
    2. TTL: 14400
    3. Type: CNAME
    4. Address:
    5. Click Add Record

The changes will be saved and activated within a few hours. Once published in GoMobi, your site will be accessible from your mobile subdomain,!

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