How Can I Activate Cloudflare On My Hosting Account?

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Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which can speed up your website by copying some of its contents to different locations around the world, allowing your visitors to access the data from the location nearest them. Learn more about CloudFlare's CDN.

  1. Log in to your WHC Client Area
  2. Log in to cPanel
  3. Within the Software section click on Cloudflare Cloudflare icon in cPanel
  4. Click on Create Your Free Account
  5. When signing up to Cloudflare, you will need to provide
    1. A working email address
    2. A new password (not the password to your email account)
  6. Click Create account
  7. Add the domain you wish to connect to the CDN network and click Add now
  8. A screen will appear informing you that the process has started. Click Next
  9. Select the Free plan and click Confirm Plan  (or choose one of their paid plans should you require their premium features)Cloudflare plans
  10. Click Confirm
  11. You will be brought to a page showing your DNS query results Cloudflare DNS queries

    Scroll down the list of DNS records and you should see 2 rows with an orange cloud icon
    Orange cloud icon

    The two rows should be your A Record
    A Record example

    And Your CNAME record
    CNAME example

    Once you confirm this, scroll to the bottom and click Continue

  12. A popup screen will appear, showing the Cloudflare nameserver records, similar to:
     Changing nameservers example
  13. You will need to copy and paste these Cloudflare nameservers into the nameservers settings within your WHC Client Area to complete the process. The changes may require several hours to take effect.
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