Rules and Limits for Group Emails

It is important to understand our terms and conditions when it comes to sending emails from Web Hosting Canada servers:

  1. It is stricltly forbidden to send more than 200 emails per hour and more than 1,000 emails per day from a given hosting account. This policy is necessary for maintaining the performance and availability of our servers, as well as for avoiding being blacklisted on Internet SPAM lists. The 201st outgoing email per hour will be returned by the server with an error. To avoid reaching these limits, it is possible to configure your email client so as to perform mass mailing in groups of 200 or less messages per hour.
  2. The use of Web Hosting Canada servers or networks for sending unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM) is strictly forbidden. Under no circumstances will this be tolerated. Any account that is identified as sending SPAM will be immediately suspended without warning or refund. To send messages to a mailing list, it is required that users have registered by themselves of their own will, and that they have confirmed their email address.

  3. Files over 10 MB in size should not be sent by email; it is instead suggested to transfer the files to the server and share a link to these files.

Please contact our technical support team if you have any questions concerning our policies.


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