How to use the Enterprise Anti-Spam Protection

The Enterprise Antispam helps eliminate spam from your email, while ensuring legitimate emails get through.

Before changing any settings, please ensure you've ordered and activated the Enterprise Anti-Spamservice from your Client Area, and that you have a working email system with Web Hosting Canada. The Enterprise Anti-Spam system is compatible with all of WHC's email platforms.

Linking your domain name with Enterprise Anti-Spam

Filtering your email through Enterprise Anti-Spam requires a few simple changes to your domain's DNS:

  1. Replace any existing MX records with:

    @ IN MX 14400 10
    @ IN MX 14400 20
    @ IN MX 14400 30

    In cPanel, this can be done from your Edit MX Records screen
  2. Update your Email Routing to: Local

    In cPanel, this can be done from your Edit MX Records screen

Linking Enterprise Anti-Spam with your Web Hosting

If you are activating Enterprise Anti-Spam for the primary domain name of your WHC web hosting or Email Pro plan, everything will be configured automatically for you, and the protection will be activated within a few hours of your service's activation without any further intervention from you.

Linking Enterprise Anti-Spam with other services (Cloud, Dedicated, Reseller)

You will need to manually make the changes described in the previous section in your DNS.

Configuring SpamExperts

You can access your SpamExperts control panel at any time from: . Use it to review your quarantine or to make changes to inbound routes. Log in directly from your Client Area, under My Services.

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