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What are Your Server's Technical Specifications?

Our multi-core servers (Quad-Core or higher) are built for performance and reliability. Any data stored is duplicated onto secondary drives on-the-fly to protect data against drive failures. Off-drive backups of your data are performed nightly, further providing our users with a level of security should their data be compromised in any way.

Our Canadian hosting servers are connected to several Tier-1 bandwidth providers with a burstable speed of 100Mbps, ensuring fast, low-latency access and transfer rates.

Our shared hosting servers operate on an up-to-date CloudLinux OS installation based on Redhat 5, with the latest PHP 5, MySQL 5 and Apache 2.2 versions.

Our servers also offer updated versions of Perl, RubyOnRails, cPanel, and phpMyAdmin.

Our PHP installation is not limited by the SafeMode setting, and includes several image manipulation librairies such as GD, ImageMagik, and several others. You may customize your own PHP configuration directly on your account through the use of .htaccess and php.ini files.

For additional technical specifications or information, please contact us directly.


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