How Much Does a Web Hosting Account Cost?

Pricing varies depending on the hosting package you select, as well as billing cycle. When you pre-pay for longer, you can benefit from greater discounts. Please consult our list of web hosting packages on our web site for specific pricing information. Also note that some of our hosting plans include a free domain name registration or transfer when you pre-pay for 12 months or more.

All our prices are in Canadian dollars, before taxes. Canadian residents are subject to GST and/or HST and Quebec residents are subject to QST.

We accept the following automated payment methods (activation in under 24 hours):

  • VISA/MASTERCARD credit card
  • Paypal (including American Express)

The following non-automated payment methods are also accepted (activation in 2 to 7 days following receipt of payment):

  • Check or Money Order
  • Wire Transfer
  • Email Interac Transfer
  • Direct Deposit at any CIBC bank
  • Online CIBC Payment (Payee: Solutions nCube)

Please contact us directly to arrange for a non-automated payment.


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