How Much Data Can I Store On My Account?

Each hosting account offers a different amount of storage space, as described in our hosting packages page, and is measured in megabytes (1024 MB = 1 GB). You are free to host files on to your account up to your allowed data storage limit. Please note that this limit includes emails, database, files, and system files (such as site statistics), so it is always recommended you have at least 100 megs of free disk space at all times on your account.

For information purposes, 10 MB can hold the following amount of data:

  • 10 average HTML web pages, or
  • 10 images and pictures of medium quality, or
  • 3 compressed audio clips of 3 minutes at 128 kbps, or
  • 1 compressed video of 1 minute.

The available disk space is displayed in the cPanel administrative panel. It is also recommended to always get a hosting account that offers more disk space than you immediately need, so as to allow you to grow when needed, without problems.


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