How to Identify your WordPress database name

Here is how to identify the name of a database for an existing WordPress installation on your account.

Option 1

Use the 1-click Apps installer (cPanel). This will only work if you’ve used this tool to install WordPress or if you’ve imported your existing installation using this tool.

  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. Click 1-click App Installer under Popular Tools
  3. Click the WordPress icon
  4. Under current installations you should see the different websites you are managing
  5. Click the edit icon of the account you wish to manipulate
  6. Next to database name you will find the name of of the WordPress database for that account. Unless you have changed the database name it should appear as your cpanel username, followed by _wp and 3 to 4 numbers.

Option 2

Identify the database name through the wp-config.php file

  1. Using cPanel’s File Manager, browse to the folder where your WordPress is installed
  2. Select the wp-config.php file, then click View
  3. Locate the line that looks like: define('DB_NAME','db_name_here’);
  4. Your database name is the string contained in db_name_here.
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