Disk Space and Bandwidth

Web hosting plans hosted at WHC do not have any strict disk space or bandwidth limits, however they will be limited by the total number of files and folders they can create (referred to as inodes).

Hosting plans created on a reseller account will have disk space and bandwidth limits as defined by the respective reseller. These limits must be respected at all times, and you will be unable to transfer additional content to your account or receive emails once you've reached your disk space limit. 

Once you've reached the monthly bandwidth limit, you will be unable to access your website until either:

  1. You upgrade your account to one with more disk space, or
  2. You wait until the end of the month, when your quota will automatically be reset.

In the meantime, your visitors will see an error message informing them that your website has reached its bandwidth limit.

You can see your disk space and bandwidth usage at all times in your cPanel.

More detailed information concerning your disk space usage is available by clicking on Disk Usage Viewer in the Files section.


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