How to Add Privacy Protection to a Domain Name?

Domain Privacy Protection hides your information from the WHOIS, a global resource for information on domain names and their owners. Nowadays, the WHOIS is unfortunately often used by individuals to collect data and then solicit the owners. Even worse, they can use that information for the purpose of fraud or identity theft.

Thus, Web Hosting Canada strongly recommends that all clients consider activating the Privacy Protection service when registering domain names.

Note: .CA domains registered by individuals automatically include privacy protection, free of charge.

If you are purchasing a domain

  1. Start by searching for your domain name.
  2. When checking out, you will be able to manage your Domain Privacy Protection options as follows:
  3. Domain Privacy is added by default to each eligible domain registration or transfer, but can be removed by unchecking its respective checkbox
  4. If you wish to remove it (not recommended), click on the checkbox

If you already have a domain with Web Hosting Canada

  1. Log in to your Client Area
  2. Go to My Domains
  3. Select the domain you wish to protect and it will take you to the domain management page
  4. Once there you can:
    1. Click on Privacy Protection under the manage sidebar
    2. OR
    3. Click on the box that is labeled Activate Privacy Protection

      If you do not see the Activate Privacy Protection box, then you already have privacy protection for that particular domain name. Congratulations!
  5. You will be brought to a page with an obvious icon that is labeled Buy Now for $9.99/year
  6. Click on the button and an invoice will be created and submitted to Web Hosting Canada

Now your domain is protected from anyone scanning the WHOIS for information.

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