How to Setup and Configure Zen Cart

Note: To install the software with Softaculous, follow the instructions of the installation software, using the Fantastico details as reference.

To install Zen Cart, you must first connect to cPanel. In the "Software" section, click on the "Fantastico" icon. Fantastico is a web application that facilitates the installation of software on your website. It effortlessly installs and configures a database for each installed application, thereby allowing the integration and use of the desired application.

Once Fantastico is open, click on "Zen Cart", in the "E-Commerce" section. You will then see the installation menu of Zen Cart displayed on the right. To start the installation, simply click on the "New Installation" link. The display will then be updated with the installation options.

Follow these steps to configure Zen Cart:

  1. If you own several domains, you must choose the one on which you want to perform the installation in the "Install on domain" drop-down list; otherwise, the default domain will be selected.
  2. In the "Install in directory" text box, you can type the name of the folder in which Zen Cart will be installed. This name will be used to access the Zen Cart section of your website. For example, if you choose "zencart" as the target folder, you will be able to access the Zen Cart files in the "zencart" subfolder of "public_html". As well, you will access the Zen Cart section of your site by visiting the following address:
  3. In the "Admin access data" section, you can fill in the fields "Administrator-username" and "Password". You are strongly encouraged not to leave these fields blank, otherwise anyone will have access to your Zen Cart tools.
  4. In the "Base configuration" section, you will see two fields. The "Site name" field allows you to choose the title of your Zen Cart section. By default, your domain name will be displayed. Note that the "Site name" field will be displayed as a header in all Zen Cart pages. The "Admin e-mail" field allows you to specify the email address to which administrative emails will be sent. By default, your email is displayed ( Make sure you have access to this address, otherwise change it to an address to which you have access.
  5. Once all the fields are filled, click on the "Install Zen Cart" button at the bottom of the page.

    Once the software is installed, the display will be updated to give you some details about the previously-chosen parameters. To complete the installation, click on the "Finish installation" button. Once the installation is completed, the display will once again be updated to give you additional information concerning your administrator access.

Once the installation is complete, you can access the Zen Cart section of your website by typing:

assuming that "zencart" is the name you gave to that section of your website.


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