How to Configure Software for MySQL Database Access

You'll often be asked to supply your MySQL database information in order to complete a software installation.

First, make sure you've actually created a MySQL database along with an authorized user (see the other article about this). Make sure to note:

  1. the database's name,
  2. the username of the user authorized on this database,
  3. the user's password.

You should now have all the information needed for your web software:

  1. Your hostname should be: localhost
  2. Database name: the name of your database created earlier (generally takes the form cpaneluser_dbname, where cpanelusername is your WHC username)
  3. Username: the name of the MySQLuser authorized to use your database (NOT your cPanel username).
  4. Password: the password for the MySQL user authorized to use your database (NOT your cPanel password)
  5. If a port is asked, simply leave the default port (3306)


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