How to Manage My MySQL Databases

To Create and Modify Users

The easiest way to manually manage your database is from the cPanel. You can add/remove/modify MySQL users from the Databases section of your cPanel.

To Create and Modify SQL Tables - via phpMyAdmin

While there are many ways to manage your database's content, one such popular tool is phpMyAdmin. You'll find it from your cPanel, in the Databases category. Once in, select the database you wish to work on from the left menu. You'll then be able to create new tables and query existing ones. Advanced operations such as the export/import of data are also available in their respective tabs.

Please note that you cannot create a new database using phpMyAdmin. This can only be done via the cPanel, using the MySQL Database Wizard.

For complete documentation concerning phpMyAdmin, please consult:

[Advanced] To Create and Modify SQL Tables - via shell access

Alternatively, power users may also manage their database directly from the command prompt, using an SSH client (SSH access only available upon request), as follows:

mysql -u dbusername -p

Replace dbusername by your MySQL username and then enter your database password when prompted. Then type:

use dbname;

Replace dbname by your database's name. You may now use regular SQL commands to query your database. You may wish to consult the MySQL 5 documentation or SQL tutorials for more details.


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