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[ADVANCED] How to Group Two Separate Accounts into One Account with an Addon Domain

The procedure to transfer an independant hosting account into an existing hosting account, as an addon domain, can be fairly complex and is not recommended for novices. Our technical support team can complete this type of transfer for you at a rate of 90$ per hour + tax (2 hour of work are usually enough for most cases). To order this service, please contact us.

Transfer procedure for an addon domain:

  1. On the main account, create a repertory under public_html (ex: public_html/otherdomain.com)
  2. Transfer the data from the secondary account's public_html repertory into the one created in step 1, by FTP
  3. If necessary, recreate the secondary account's databases on the primary one and transfer your data
  4. Backup your whole secondary account and save it on your local computer, in case of a problem. The statistics and your emails will not be tranfered so if needed, add them to the backup. If you use web applications, the configuration parameters might need to be adjusted.
  5. If you do not already have an available addon domain on your hosting account, complete an order of an addon domain from the Client Area in the description page of the hosting account receiving the new domain.
  6. Once the new order is confirmed and activated, open a support ticket asking to terminate the secondary account. ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED AND YOUR WEBSITE WILL BE OFFLINE!
  7. Once the secondary account is terminated, connect to the main account's CPanel and activate the add-on domain, making sure to choose the same root repertory chosen in step 1.
  8. Recreate your email accounts.
  9. Wait up to 24h for the domain's DNS to propagate on the Internet and then check your website to confirm a successful transfer.


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