How to redirect a domain (or specific page) to another address

To redirect a domain name (example: to another address (example:
  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Under Domains, click on Redirects
  3. Under Add redirect, enter:
    1. Type: Permanent
    2. Choose the domain to redirect from the pulldown menu. If you only wish to redirect a specific page, enter it into the box to the right of the slash (example:
    3. In Redirect to, enter the destination address
    4. Keep Redirect with or without www checked unless you prefer only redirecting one of the two variants
    5. If you want to redirect any access to the domain check off Wildcard redirect. If the wildcard redirect is not applied, any access to specific page within that domain (example: will not be redirected.
  4. Click on Add

The redirection should take effect immediately.

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