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I have uploaded new files on my website but the old one still shows, why?

If you have updated your website's files but are still seeing your old site or are unable to see the new files you have transferred, the following troubleshooting steps might apply:

  1. Your browser might be caching old files. Clear your browser cache or try a different browser. Often, your browser will cache (or save) your old site's contents and will keep displaying it for a few days even if you click refresh. This can be fixed by clearing all temporary files from your browser, in its settings.
  2. You did not upload/publish your files in the correct location. Check that you placed your files in the correct folder. All your files should be in the "public_html" folder in order to be viewed through your domain name. If you have placed them in a subfolder, you will need to enter that subfolder in the address bar after your domain name in order to view the content. For example, content placed in public_html/subfolder/file.html will be viewed online on yourdomain.com/subfolder/file.html
  3. Check file spelling and uppercase/lowercase. Typos are sometimes an issue and files are CASE-SENSITIVE. One upper-case character can make all the difference!
  4. Incorrect default "index" file. By default, our servers will load the first "index" file they find in your current folder based based on this order: index.htm, index.html, index.php, home.html. If you have uploaded a file called index.php in a folder that already contains index.html, for example, you will not see your new file's contents when accessing your domain. To fix, simply delete the higher priority index file (or to be safer, rename it to something like "index-old.html")
  5. DNS or propagation issues. It's possible your domain is not pointing to our servers. Domains on our web hosting platform should use the following DNS:


    If you have recently changed this, changes may take up to 24 hours to propagate on the Internet, so you may need to wait.

If your problem does not fall under either of these categories, please contact our support team for immediate assistance.

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