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How to set up affiliate links towards specific product landing pages

When you sign up to become an affiliate for WHC, you are automatically assigned an affiliate url, which is displayed on your Affiliates page as Your Main Referral Link, and which you can use to direct any prospects to the WHC homepage. 

However, you may find it useful to link to specific product landing pages, rather than our general home page. Doing this may increase your conversion rate by directing your visitors to more relevant content (for example: Cloud servers) depending on what they are looking for. Additionally, you will have access  to targeted statistics, related to those banners or campaigns that you’ve created for those specific product landing pages, which we call ‘Sales Funnels’.

To create a sales funnel, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Client Area
  2. Click on the menu title Affiliates
  3. Select the Sales Funnels tab
  4. Click the button + Create a New Sales Funnel
  5. Name your sales funnel however you like
  6. Select your preferred Language using the drop-down menu
  7. Select your Target Product using the drop-down menu
  8. If you would like to include a banner, you can also select the Banner type using the drop-down menu

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created a sales funnel!

You can create as many sales funnels as you want or require by repeating the above steps.

For each sales funnel (including banner) you’ve created, you’ll be given a referral link, a preview of the banner you chose, specific HTML coding you can use to input these banners into your own websites, and finally, stats on the number of sales you’ve received from this particular funnel.

Should a prospect revisit the WHC site and make a purchase anytime within 60 days of using one of your links, the sale will be assigned to you as a successful referral (unless they clear their cookies’ before returning).
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