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How to turn off/on ModSecurity firewall rules on your account

About ModSecurity Firewall Rules

Each web hosting account with Web Hosting Canada is protected by specific firewall rules designed to protect your site against cyber-attacks, intrusions, and other online threats. These rules filter malicious requests and block them, while allowing legitimate requests to go through. After several blocks, the offending IPs are banned from all accesses to the servers, including mail, web, and FTP.

Occasionally, it is possible that certain advanced scripts or applications may unwillingly trigger mod_security blocks and thus block legitimate requests. In this case, you may want to disable these security rules on your entire account, or on specific domains within your account.

NOTE: By disabling ModSecurity, you're increasing the risks of infection or security problems with your account. As such, it's important that you be even more vigilant when it comes to keeping your web applications (including related themes and plugins) updated, particularly with popular tools such as Wordpress, Joomla, et Drupal, which are often the target of attacks.

How to disable ModSecurity rules on your account
  1. Log in to your hosting control panel, cPanel
  2. Scroll down to the Security section
  3. Click on ModSecurity
  4. Click on Disable at the top to disable the rules on all your domains or disable rules on a specific domain by clicking Disable next to the domain in question in the list further down
  5. To reactivate the rules, simply click on Activate
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