How can I tell in my IP is blocked in your Firewall?

The Web Hosting Canada firewalls protect your account from hackers, malware, and other security threats.

In some extreme cases, the firewall might block you out from your account. This could be due to:

  1. Too many failed attempts connecting to your email, cPanel, FTP, or other systems on our server
  2. Scripts being executed on the server which the firewall believes may be harmful (some false-positive are possible)
  3. Unusual activity from your computer (too many simultaneous connections, port scans, etc).

When the firewall detects these security risks, it may block your computer or network from accessing your account, using your IP address (a unique number identifying your Internet connection). As a result, you will be unable to access ANY systems on our servers, including your web site, the cPanel, email, FTP, etc (you will likely get "time out" errors).

This blocking does not necessarily affect other visitors from accessing your site.

To see whether or not your are blocked and to remove the block from your account, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your website isn't loading correctly in multiple browsers on your computer, or on your mobile device
  2. Verify that your site is available from other networks, by checking on a site such as
  3. Check that the server hosting your site isn't having technical difficulties at
  4. Contact our live chat support and provide us with your IP address . We'll be able to quickly unblock you, if you're blocked!

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