What to do With a Failed CA Registration

The registration of a Canadian domain name (having a .ca extension) can fail if you do not complete the steps requested by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) within seven (7) days following your order.

To activate the domain, you will have to follow the instructions sent by email on behalf of CIRA, and approve the registration. The email will be sent from info@cira.ca and will have as subject "Register yourdomain.ca with CIRA" (or similar). The message will also include a username and a password to connect to their site and confirm the registration.

Note: the username and password generated by CIRA are not the same as those you use to connect to your hosting account (these are sent in a separate email).

Once connected, you will just have to confirm your information and accept the CIRA terms. This procedure takes just a few minutes but must nonetheless be followed following the purchase of a .ca domain.

If this procedure is not followed within 7 days, we can reset the request (which will grant you 7 additional days to complete the steps). To reset the request, please contact our support team, giving them the domain name and confirming having understood this procedure. We will reset the request with CIRA following this confirmation, and you will receive an email from them in the next few days.


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